The first teaser of the documentary project "Generation of freedom"

For the first time you can see the liberation movement of Ukraine - in 3D!

"Generation of freedom" is an innovative documentary film in several parts with additions. It is based on the memoirs of the fighters for independence in 1917-1921. Real as never before, the people of Ukraine, leaders of Hetmanate, Directorate, Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian sailors, free Cossacks and others will appear in front of the spectator. The restored archive footages and pictures of those times in the 3D format will make the events of a century old much closer, giving everyone the opportunity to touch Ukrainian history.

At home, you can view 3D in several ways:

Anaglyph (red and blue glasses are required for viewing):


Vertical separation (for viewing, you need a modern TV or 3D monitor with appropriate glasses):

Horizontal separation (for viewing, you need a modern TV or 3D monitor and related glasses, or devices for viewing virtual reality):

For those who are not able to view 3D, we publish the regular version of the teaser. But, looking at it, you lose the most interesting thing - a sense of volume:

First part of the "Generation of freedom" must be completed in the end of 2018.

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